Tagging your streams allows them to be grouped and copied according to rules you create in the copy menus. Start by creating tags in the "Tags" menu as necessary for grouping streams together in whatever ways might be useful for your needs.

Creating Tags

Click the "New Tag" button and enter a name for as many tags as necessary.

Assign tags to streams

To assign tags, select a stream from the dropdown menu at the top of the page, choose the "Stream Tags" menu at left, and check any boxes that apply for that stream.

Copy a stream to tagged destinations

"Copy _____ Profile" menus will now allow the option of creating rule sets to identify the destination streams for the copy operation.

Click the green "Add rule" button to add rows to the existing group. Use "Tag>equal" to include tagged streams and "Tag>not equal" to exclude streams. When finished click "Copy to Streams Using Tags" and the next screen will present the resulting stream selection created by the rule.

Check that this result is correct and if not use the "Cancel" button to refine your rules further.

The rule sets will be saved the next time you return to the Copy menu for that stream.

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