Here at Startle, we know that our customers don't always have time to plan and create a great music schedule for their week. That's why we've created Presets - readymade, week-long music schedules in a range of styles. 

All Presets are broken into 4 compilations for 4 different dayparts:


The compilations in a Preset have all been professionally profiled to a specific style, meaning they will provide a smooth transition between each daypart and give you a consistent sound throughout the week.

For example, your Polished & Laidback Preset may be more downtempo in the Morning compilation, with slightly higher-energy tracks in the Afternoon one and more of a nighttime vibe in the Evening.

How to Schedule a Preset

Presets are scheduled just like other playlists. They will always appear in the Compilations list in this format:

Preset: [style] - daypart - e.g. 'Preset: Polished & Laidback - Morning'

To schedule a Preset, first head to Playlist Schedule in your Startle account. 

Then simply choose a time slot and select a Compilation from the list. Drag this slot to your desired finish time, and schedule for the next day/time.

Each day, your Compilations will play tracks in a different order, so they won't become repetitive, even with the same one scheduled every day!

If you need any further help with Presets, just reach out to us at or in the chat box and we'll get back to you swiftly.

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