Audio cable - Usually an “aux” cable with headphone connection on one end and dual phono on the other

Auxiliary (aux) port - 3.5mm connection (headphone) that is the audio output on the Startle player

Bot - Our interactive music product; an add-on to Startle Music. Learn more here.

Compilations - Our readymade playlists, available for you to schedule.

Control Panel - The Startle system you log into to manage your music.

Default signage - Several screens of dynamic content that show stats from your Startle Music system, including ‘Now Playing’ and ‘Most Played’. Included in Startle Music.

Device - Another way we might refer to your hardware, the Startle Player.

Dongle - An external extension, usually a USB audio expander that provides additional audio outputs from the Startle Player.

Ethernet - A network cable (cat5e in most cases).

HDMI - A digital video cable/jack.

ISP - Internet Service Provider.

Jack - The female end of any connection.

MAC Address - The unique number that identifies a device on the internet (also the serial number on Startle players)

Playlist - Your own collection of songs, artists, and/or Startle compilations. For example, your Playlists could consist of a couple of Startle compilations/mixtapes, plus some extra songs you want added in.

Router - The device on your network that translates the internet signal from your ISP to your in-house devices.

Schedule Override - A feature that allows you to override your music schedule with a temporary change (e.g. for a special occasion or holiday).

SD card - Your Startle Player’s entire os/disk system is on a microSD memory card.

SSID - The name of your WiFi network.

Startle Player - The small, lightweight hardware that powers all Startle products.

Stream/Location - The unique JUKE### that identifies your Startle Music feed.

USB - Universal Serial Bus

Zone - A particular area of your business that has its own separate music source feed.

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