Startle Music is powered by a piece of hardware called the Startle Player. This plugs straight into your speakers and network router to deliver music that is stored in our cloud-based platform. 

The main benefit of using hardware over just streaming music is that you won’t lose content if your internet fails; the Startle Player will continue to play stored music until the connection is restored and normal playback resumes. As well as this, you’ll also benefit from product updates that we’ll deliver through the platform automatically overnight.

When you become a Startle Music customer, we send your Startle Player - or Players, if you want music in several locations - straight away. Once you’ve received this, it takes minutes to set-up. Using your new login details, you can then sign in to your new Startle account and start scheduling and creating playlists immediately!

Our music library has millions of high-quality tracks and 100+ professional playlists that you can access as a Startle Music customer, so you’ll have plenty of choice. With clever features such as an explicit lyrics filter and the ability to change the volume and skip/block tracks from your smartphone, Startle Music makes it easy to manage a great soundtrack for your business.

Note: If you are a Startle Radio customer, you will have access to readymade playlists but will not be able to create your own.

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