The Startle player can connect to 2.4GHz wifi networks using the Startle control panel Wifi Wizard.

IMPORTANT: The player must first have an active wired (ethernet) connection to the network in order for the wizard to send your wifi settings to the device. See "Connect the Player" for help.

Ensure the connection is active using the Device Connectivity menu.

Click the Wifi menu in the left hand sidebar (if you don't see this please contact Startle Relentless™ Support to enable this menu for your account)

Click "Start"

The device will now scan for available wifi networks in its range and return a list of available choices. Select your network and click "Connect."

Enter the password and click "Connect"

The settings will now be transferred to the player and it will attempt to connect to the network. In some cases you may be prompted to update the software on the device before the connection can be made.

IMPORTANT: If your preferred network is not in range of the device it can still be possible for our support team to remotely program the settings. Contact Relentless™ Support with your SSID and password and we will set your device up for you

If successful you will see the following confirmation

If you receive and error messages or encounter other difficulties please contact Relentless™ Support for assistance

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