Startle Arena allows you to generate continuous digital signage video for Premier League match advertising, daily score reporting, and sport news with just a few clicks. Content is updated automatically according to your settings and schedule for the matches you intend to broadcast.

Choose your match schedule

To begin, you need to select which matches you'll be broadcasting on the TV Schedule menu. Select TV Schedule in the left hand sidebar:

If you intend to broadcast all matches from either Sky Sports or BT Sport you can use the "Add All" button at the top to bulk select the matches from either broadcaster:

To select individual matches check the box for any match in the "Showing" column at the right of the page:

If you would like to "Feature" certain matches in a special "Featured Match" segment of the advertising rotation (See the "Playlists" section below) you can click the "Featured" star icon. Only the next soonest "Featured" match within 7 days will be featured at any given time in this special playlist slot when you choose to display the "Featured Match" segment in your playlist.

Finally, you can scroll to other weeks and make additional selections. Matches will appear here when they are publicly released by the Premier League:

Set up your advertising rotation

The remainder of the setup process will take place in the Digital Signage section of the Control Panel, but with some important differences from your normal graphics and video assets

Make or edit a playlist to include the Startle Arena assets

Click the "Digital Signage" menu in the left hand sidebar and then click the "Playlists" tab. If you have an existing signage playlist you can feel free to add the new Startle Arena assets there, or use the green button to create a new playlist:

For this example we will use an existing playlist of video assets and intersperse the Startle Arena segments between them. The last row of your playlist will always contain a dropdown menu that allows you to include another item:

Startle Arena customers will see two sections when they click this "Select asset.." dropdown. In the bottom section are all the graphics and video assets from your Assets tab. At the top are the available Startle TV asset types:

  1. This Week's Games: A brief segment for all games in the next 7 days that you have selected on your TV Schedule
  2. Featured Games: A longer segment with more detail on the next upcoming game (within the next 7 days) for which you have clicked the "Featured" icon in the TV Schedule
  3. Next Game: A longer segment on the next game in your schedule
  4. Today's Results: Scores from completed games today
  5. Breaking News: Sport news headlines from the last 24+ hours
  6. Viral Videos: Short video clips from recent developments in the world of sport. One video will play each time the playlist rotates, with up to 6 clips available during any one day

Choose whatever combination of the above that you prefer and add them to your playlist. Hover next to the asset number on the left of the list to see the "compass" cursor that will allow you to slide items up or down to change the order.

Note: there is no "Save" button on the playlists. They are automatically saved.

Create a schedule for your playlist

Playlists will not appear on screens until placed in a schedule. If you edited an existing playlist that is currently scheduled, your changes will appear shortly as there is some time required for the new data to transfer to your device.

To make a new schedule click the "Schedules" tab and then the green "Create New Schedule" button:

Name your schedule (perhaps according to the time of day). Choose a playlist from the dropdown list:

Timing Options

Now you have a wide range of choices for how to schedule. Note that the "From" field is a dropdown that can be changed to "All Day" when you don't need this schedule to alternate with others.

It's also important to note the Day dropdown offers quite a few choices to have certain schedules on certain days without complicated timing:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Weekdays, Weekends

Best practices for avoiding problems with schedules

There are no built in restrictions in the system to prevent multiple overlapping schedule times. In theory, the device receives competing requests to play content from multiple overlapping schedules and makes a choice about which one it will show, usually with very good results.

We find many users will instinctively create a new schedule that competes with an existing one when what they really want is to replace or append content to a playlist.

If new content needs to be added to a 24/7 schedule it is far better to append that content to the existing schedule playlist than it is make another 24/7 schedule with a competing playlist.

If the playlist needs to be replaced, leave the schedule intact but make a new playlist. Then edit the schedule to swap out the playlist choice in the "Playlist" dropdown, leaving the schedule times unchanged.

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