To use the Startle Bot for your virtual jukebox requests you will need the following:

  • A Startle device with the Interactivity (Freeplay or Pay-per-play) enabled
  • Facebook Page - any kind of page will do but your personal Facebook account will need Owner access to this page
  • A Message button on the Facebook page
  • Startle user account with access to the Facebook Pages menu

To begin, log in to your Startle account and navigate to the Facebook Pages menu. Click the Facebook Log In button:

A popup dialog will appear for you to enter your information:

Enter your credentials and click "Log In."

The popup will close and return you to the Facebook Pages menu. Wait a moment for the screen to populate with a list of available Facebook Pages that you have access to:

Check the box for the appropriate page and click "save."
The Startle settings are complete. Now go to your Page to make sure the Message button is enabled:

  • From the desktop version of the Facebook Home page, click the small triangle dropdown at the very top right of the screen and choose "Manage Pages."
  • Select your page
  • Click "Add a Button":
  • Under "Which button do you want" choose "Contact you" and "Send message" then click "Next" 
  • In Step 2 Choose "Facebook Messenger" then click "Finish"
  • Now you should see a "Send Message" button on the page
  • Hover over Send Message and click "Test Button" 
  • The messenger app should pop up with a message about the Startle Bot. It can tell you if requests are currently disabled:
  • In this case use your Play Modes or Interactivity Schedule to enabled requests
  • When requests are active you can type in songs or artists and it will return results in the chat window:
  1. Click the arrows to scroll through specific results
  2. Click albums to see a list, then use the arrows to scroll left and right through results
  3. Click Songs to see a list, then use the arrows to scroll left and right through results
  • Finally, click Play to queue the song. 
  • Blocked songs or artists will return a warning: 
  • For paid requests the customer will be prompted to enter the number of credits to be purchased: 

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