Interactive requests (the "virtual jukebox" function) can be turned on by a schedule if you wish to prevent customers from requesting music during certain times.

In your Startle control panel click "Interactivity Schedule" in the left hand sidebar. You'll see an interface that is similar in function to the mobile manager schedule, with days listed as headings and the ability to create time slots for each day. Each day is pre-populated with a single slot in which you can activate interactivity for a given time range. Add slots as necessary to turn interactivity on at specified times. At all other times the requests will not be allowed.

Click "Edit" on the existing slot to get started

Click to set start and end times for the active period, and whether the requests are free or paid (note: not all users will have paid options enabled). Click "Update" when done.

Repeat for each day you'd like to enable a scheduled request slot

You can add additional slots with the "Add" button next to the day

Likewise, you can remove unneeded slots with the Remove button in the slot's row.

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