Here are multiple solutions to getting holiday and specialty music into your background music rotation. We'll use Halloween music in these examples.

Note: If you are building Christmas playlists you will not hear them unless the Christmas filter is checked for the months you want to schedule!

Incorporate a holiday compilation into an existing playlist

For this example you will need to have Custom Playlists permissions

Click the Custom Playlists menu in your left hand sidebar menu. Pick an existing playlist and click the "Edit" button

Click the green + to unfold the "Add Compilations" section, and scroll down until you find the "Hocus Pocus" playlist. Drag it from the left column to the right:

After dragging, click the green + next to "Hocus Pocus" and use the "Weighting" slider to control how often you hear music from this compilation:

Scroll down and hit "Save!" This list now includes the new music and you will start hearing it based on your Playlist Schedule and the weighting you chose.

Schedule a holiday compilation with Playlist Schedules

For this example you will need to have Playlist Schedule permission

We're going to edit an existing schedule event to change the entire schedule block to a holiday playlist. This is less flexible than the previous example as it does not allow for mixing with existing playlist selections. However, for accounts that don't have permission to edit Custom Playlists it is a good alternative.

Click Playlist Schedule in the left hand sidebar menu. Now click on an existing schedule event or click and drag in an empty space to make a new event. When you release the mouse, click "Play Compilation" and choose "Hocus Pocus." Click "Save."

You've now replaced the existing scheduled playlist with the Hocus Pocus compilation. Repeat for any additional times you'd like to change.

Schedule holiday music with an Override

For this example you will need Schedule Override permission
Schedule overrides are temporary and will not recur the following week

Click Schedule Override in the left hand sidebar menu and click the green "Add Schedule Override" button. Give your override a name, a start time, and an end time. Then click "Play selected compilation" and choose "Hocus Pocus" from the dropdown. Hit Save!

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