Follow these six steps to get started.  

Step 1: Connect the controller cable from a spare USB port on the Startle Player to the RS232 port on the AdFrame unit.


Step 2: Connect a HDMI cable from the Startle player to the IN2 port on the AdFrame unit.

Step 3: Connect a second HDMI cable from the output port of your TV distribution unit or set-top box ( such as Sky, Virgin, Freeview) to the IN1 port on the AdFrame unit.

Step 4: Connect a third HDMI cable from the OUT port of the AdFrame unit to a spare HDMI port on a TV or your TV distribution system.*

If your TV system is analogue you will require additional equipment to get images on your screens. Speak to your AV specialist if you have one, or email to request help from our Professional Services.

Step 5: Connect the Startle Player and AdFrame unit to power. Once turned on, text will scroll up the screen and after 2-3 minutes an image will appear. 

Step 6: You can now create a schedule from your control panel and switch AdFrame on and off via your mobile manager. If you need any help, click the chat icon at the lower right of your screen.

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