Click the "Create New Schedule" button:

Name your schedule (perhaps according to the time of day). Choose a playlist from the dropdown list:

Timing Options

Now you have a wide range of choices for how to schedule. Note that the "From" field is a dropdown that can be changed to "All Day" when you don't need this schedule to alternate with others.

It's also important to note the Day dropdown offers quite a few choices to have certain schedules on certain days without complicated timing:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Weekdays, Weekends

Best practices for avoiding problems with schedules

There are no built in restrictions in the system to prevent multiple overlapping schedule times. In theory, the device receives competing requests to play content from multiple overlapping schedules and makes a choice about which one it will show, usually with very good results. However, as often happens with multiple users administrating the system or with copy operations that append schedules from a head office onto a device that is also managed by staff on-site, it's quite typical for a unmanageable number of schedules to be competing for the same time slots with negative results.

We find many users will instinctively create a new schedule that competes with an existing one when what they really want is to replace or append content to a playlist.

The most common schedule is "All Day/Every Day (24/7)." If new content needs to be added to a 24/7 schedule it is far better to append that content to the existing schedule playlist than it is make another 24/7 schedule with a competing playlist.

If the playlist needs to be replaced, leave the schedule intact but make a new playlist. Then edit the schedule to swap out the playlist choice in the "Playlist" dropdown, leaving the schedule times unchanged.

For venues that need more variety than All Day/Every Day we suggest making fixed schedule blocks for different day/time combinations and using a combination of editing playlists or swapping new playlists into that schedule, while keeping the schedule itself unchanged.

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