1. Connect one end of the Network (Ethernet) Cable to the Internet port (1) of the Startle Player and the other end to a spare port on your Internet router.
  2. Connect the single end of the Audio (Phono) Cable to the Audio port (2) of the Startle Player and the other end to the Auxiliary (AUX) ports on your amplifier.
  3. Connect the Power Supply Unit to the Power port (3) of the Startle Player and an electrical socket.
  4. Turn on the unit and wait 5 minutes (do not restart in this time).
  5. Optionally connect the HDMI cable to your screens for enhanced functionality.

Troubleshooting common installation problems

Message saying "this device is offline."
This indicates the device is not able to connect to your network. Start by plugging the ethernet into a different jack on the router (some ISPs will disable one or more jacks). Reboot the player by pulling the USB power for a few seconds. Check for the message again.

If this doesn't work try a new ethernet cable to rule out cable failure.

Firewall rules can also cause a player to be offline. If you continue to have trouble you may want to contact your ISP or IT department and give the serial number of the Startle player to them. They will recognize it as a MAC address. The player can be "whitelisted" to bypass firewall restrictions. Contact support@startleint.com for further information regarding port and domain requirements.

Message saying "the device has partial connectivity."
This indicates the device is able to communicate with your router but not the internet. Contact us at support@startleint.com to ensure that it is authorized for your wifi network.

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