21st Century Hits

  • Era: 2000 onwards.
  • Description: A pick ‘n’ mix of popular tracks of all tempos and genres. All songs in this compilation have charted highly.
  • Example Artists: Adele, Take That, Madonna, Mumford & Sons.
  • Ambience & Feel: Familiar, memorable, with a neutral energy.


90s Flashback

  • Era: 90s only.
  • Description: A mix of 90s anthems from all over the world. Arguably one of the most fun eras in music.
  • Example Artists: Ace of Base, Destiny’s Child, Jamiroquai, The Cardigans.
  • Ambience & Feel: Fun, nostalgic.


Acid Jazz

  • Era: 90s onwards.
  • Description: Jazz infused with soul, electronic and funk. Perfect for warm summer nights.
  • Example Artists: Bonobo, Moby, Robert Glasper.
  • Ambience & Feel: Laidback and cool. 


All That Jazz

  • Era: Early to Late 20th Century.
  • Description: The true beginnings and essence of Jazz. Covering a broad range of Jazz styles, with a focus on Vocal Jazz.
  • Example Artists: Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong.
  • Ambience & Feel: Laidback and cool. 


All Time Classics

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Songs that are timeless. Well loved classics across all genres that do not fade or become irrelevant. 
  • Example Artists: Aretha Franklin, The Beatles, Oasis, Fleetwood Mac.
  • Ambience & Feel: Nostalgic, happy and uplifting. 


Back In The Day – RnB Jams


  • Era: 90s to Early 2000s.
  • Description: Songs from the height of RnB. Club floor fillers to laidback grooves, but no ballads.
  • Example Artists: Jodeci, Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men.
  • Ambience & Feel: Reminiscent and cool. 


Bhangra Beats

  • Era: 80s to Present Day.
  • Description: Music that fuses Punjabi and Western styles. Upbeat pop that is often associated with Asian youth. 
  • Example Artists: Rishi Rich, Panjabi MC, Ms Scandalous.
  • Ambience & Feel: Upbeat party vibe.


Burn’s Night

  • Era: All
  • Description: Celebrate Burn’s Night with a collection of traditional, acoustic and popular Scottish songs.
  • Example Artists: Andy Chung, Runrig, Skerryvore 
  • Ambience & Feel: Uplifting, traditional, warm.


Christmas – Carols & Traditional

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Christmas classics from choirs, opera singers, orchestras and easy listening artists.  
  • Example Artists: St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir, Susan Boyle, Royal Scottish National Orchestra.
  • Ambience & Feel: Humbled, warm, traditional. 


Christmas – Easy Listening Classics

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Songs from infamous Christmas Crooners and newcomers that are relaxing, nostalgic and full of old school cheer. 
  • Example Artists: Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Doris Day.
  • Ambience & Feel: Reminiscent, warm, fuzzy. 


Christmas – Party

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Christmas pop songs from various eras ranging from mid to up-tempo. Suitable for evenings, parties and energetic afternoons.
  • Example Artists: Wizzard, Mariah Carey, Jackson 5, Michael Bublé.
  • Ambience & Feel: Lively, fun, joyous. 


Classic Motown & R&B

  • Era: Motown.
  • Description: Music from (but not limited to) the Motown Label & Era. 
  • Example Artists: The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations.
  • Ambience & Feel: Classy, cool.


Classic Rock

  • Era: All, with a focus of 70s & 80s.
  • Description: Songs that embody the true nature of Rock. Well-known Rock songs from well-known rock stars.
  • Example Artists: Queen, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Led Zeppelin.
  • Ambience & Feel: Upbeat, rebellious and reminiscent. 


Classic Valentine’s

  • Era: All
  • Description: A collection of classic and classy Valentine’s music. No cheese here. Just beautiful songs.
  • Example Artists: Al Green, Diana Krall, Sade
  • Ambience & Feel: Very romantic.

Classical Masterpieces

  • Era: Renaissance and onwards. Focusing on the Key 4 eras in Classical Music.
  • Description: Classical music from famous composers and orchestras. Focusing on works that are known within the popular realm.
  • Example Artists: Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Liszt.
  • Ambience & Feel: Elegant and soothing.


Country Gold

  • Era: All.
  • Description: A representation of the finest country music. Focusing on the most popular hits.
  • Example Artists: Dolly Parton, Dixie Chicks, Johnny Cash, Reba McEntrire.
  • Ambience & Feel: Southern Hospitality – Warm, happy and wholesome.


Critically Acclaimed

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Music that is critically acclaimed, won awards and is heavily revered within the industry.
  • Example Artists: Adele, James Blake, Joni Mitchell, Beck.
  • Ambience & Feel: Poignant and meaningful.


Decades Of Dance

  • Era: 80s to Present Day.
  • Description: A history lesson in Dance music across all sub-genres. Songs that have become popular within the dance music scene and mainstream realm.
  • Example Artists: Fatboy Slim, Hot Chip, Chic, Disclosure.
  • Ambience & Feel: Upbeat, party vibe.


Drums, Bass & Breakbeats

  • Era: 90s onwards.
  • Description: A selection of the best drum & bass, breakbeat and rhythmic dance music.
  • Example Artists: Goldie, Netsky, Sub Focus.
  • Ambience & Feel: High energy, rave-esque.



  • Era: 2000s.
  • Description: The best tracks from the electronic sub-genre. From essential club tracks to commercial dubstep.
  • Example Artists: Diplo, Skrillex, Knife Party.
  • Ambience & Feel: Club atmosphere.


Easy Afternoons

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Jazz and ambient music that is moderate in tempo. A blend of classic artists and newcomers.
  • Example Artists: Milt Jackson, Wes Montgomery, Jamie Cullum. 
  • Ambience & Feel: Laidback and relaxed.


Essential Easy Listening

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Middle of the road, easy going popular songs. Tracks that fit well within a broad market.
  • Example Artists: Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Westlife.
  • Ambience & Feel: Relaxed, passive.


Essential Electronic

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Tracks from the beginning of electronic music to the most recent hits. 
  • Example Artists: Royksopp, Chvrches, SBTRKT, Kraftwerk.
  • Ambience & Feel: Moderate energy with a current appeal.


Essential Folk

  • Era: All.
  • Description: A selection of the best folk songs. Acoustic guitar tracks that represent a stripped down side of recorded music.
  • Example Artists: Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Simon and Garfunkel.
  • Ambience & Feel: Laidback.


Everyday Retail – Morning

  • Era: All.
  • Description: A collection of easy listening classics, blended with mainstream adult contemporary. Suitable for customers of all ages. 
  • Example Artists: One Direction, Katy Perry, Jack Savoretti, George Ezra.
  • Ambience & Feel: Neutral, slower in tempo, relaxed.


Everyday Retail – Afternoon

  • Era: All.
  • Description: A collection of easy listening classics, blended with mainstream adult contemporary. Suitable for customers of all ages.
  • Example Artists: Leona Lewis, Years & Years, The Corrs, Westlife.
  • Ambience & Feel: Neutral, slightly more upbeat.


Football Anthems

  • Era: All.
  • Description: A collection of songs that comprise of football anthems, upbeat tunes and songs that have been adopted by footie fans the world over.
  • Example Artists: Shakira, Baddiel & Skinner, Gerry & The Pacemakers.
  • Ambience & Feel: Upbeat and inspiring. 

French Musique

  • Era: All.
  • Description: A comprehensive list of French classics and contemporary newcomers from the European country.
  • Example Artists: Jacques Brel, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Johnny Hallyday.
  • Ambience & Feel: Tres chic.

Fresh Chart Hits

  • Era: Current.
  • Description: High charted songs from the past couple of years.
  • Example Artists: The Chainsmokers, Rudimental, Britney Spears, Foals.
  • Ambience & Feel: Fresh, mixed, fun.


Guilty Pop Pleasures

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Pop songs that are bright and light-hearted. Tracks you like but don’t want anyone else to know.
  • Example Artists: Carly Rae Jepsen, Steps, Backstreet Boys, Vengaboys.
  • Ambience & Feel: Cheery and fun.


Gym – Crossfit

  • Era: Current.
  • Description: Fired up Hip Hop, Electronic, Rock and Dance music that will increase your energy levels and make you kill that workout.
  • Example Artists: 2 Chainz, DJ Fresh, Skrillex.
  • Ambience & Feel: Upbeat, current.


Gym – Fresh Beats

  • Era: Current.
  • Description: Upbeat dance & RnB music inspired by urban radio designed to showcase the best new artists and the hottest tracks.
  • Example Artists: Drake, Disclosure, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar.
  • Ambience & Feel: Upbeat, current.

Gym – High Energy


  • Era: Current.
  • Description: High energy dance music. Fast tempo, uplifting tracks suitable for high-octane workouts.
  • Example Artists: Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Zhu, Example.
  • Ambience & Feel: High energy.

Gym – This Is The Remix

  • Era: Current.
  • Description: Popular songs that have been remixed by famous DJ’s and dance music artists. 
  • Example Artists: Cheryl Cole, Charli XCX, John Newman, Jess Glynne.
  • Ambience & Feel: High energy.

Gym – Ultra Cardio

  • Era: Current.
  • Description: A blend of pure pop, dance pop and upbeat chart toppers. 
  • Example Artists: Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, Chris Brown, Iggy Azalea.
  • Ambience & Feel: Moderate to high energy.


Handbag Anthems

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Fun floor fillers that encourage you to dump your handbag and dance the night away.
  • Example Artists: Madonna, Bon Jovi, Culture Club, Michael Jackson.
  • Ambience & Feel: Energetic.


Hocus Pocus

  • Era: All.
  • Description: A frightful, upbeat selection of ghoulish tracks and haunting melodies. Trick or Treat!
  • Example Artists: Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper, Rockwell, Soft Cell.
  • Ambience & Feel: Spooky, fun, energetic.


Hot Country

  • Era: 2000s onwards.
  • Description: Contemporary country pop from the newest country stars. 
  • Example Artists: Taylor Swift, Blake Sheldon, Brantley Gilbert, Miranda Lambert.
  • Ambience & Feel: American cool.

Ireland’s Finest

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Pop music from Ireland. Ranging from well-loved favorites to potential classics. 
  • Example Artists: The Script, The Corrs, Two Door Cinema Club.
  • Ambience & Feel: Celtic cool.


Jazz Masters

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Jazz music from true virtuosos. Tracks that exemplify the talents of jazz musicians at the top of their game. 
  • Example Artists: George Benson, Herbie Hancock, James Taylor Quartet.
  • Ambience & Feel: Musically charged.


Just Dance!

  • Era: 80s to Present.
  • Description: Songs that make you want to dance. Spanning all genres.
  • Example Artists: Daft Punk, Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson, Janet Jackson.
  • Ambience & Feel: Upbeat party.


Laidback Acoustic

  • Era: All.
  • Description: The best acoustic tracks from true storytellers.
  • Example Artists: Ed Sheeran, Newton Faulkner, John Mayer.
  • Ambience & Feel: Laidback.


Latin Flavour

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Let’s get loud Latin style. Upbeat party anthems for any venue wanting to create a hot, passionate and flirty atmosphere.
  • Example Artists: Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Sixto Rein, Prince Royce.
  • Ambience & Feel: Upbeat, Latin party.

Latin Lounge

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Laidback Latin grooves ranging from pop to Latin Jazz. Moderate in tempo and full in flavor.
  • Example Artists: Alejandro Sanz, Shakira, Marc Antoine, Sergio Mendes.
  • Ambience & Feel: Mid-tempo lounge music. Happy & carefree.


Mandopop & K-Pop

  • Era: All.
  • Description: The very best pop music from Korea & China. Focusing on more contemporary styles, this compilation blends the best pop from parts of Asia for those who are familiar with this growing trend in music.
  • Example Artists: Girls’ Generation, EXO, Big Bang, Mayday.
  • Ambience & Feel: Mid-tempo to up-tempo pop.


Mellow Mornings

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Folk and acoustic music from a wide range of artists that is laidback and slow in tempo. 
  • Example Artists: Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Tracy Chapman, Bellowhead, Bon Iver.
  • Ambience & Feel: Chilled, subdued and completely neutral.


Mexican Mariachi

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Traditional Mexican Mariachi music performed by Mexico’s finest.
  • Example Artists: Mariachi Azteca, Estampas De Mexico, De Norte A Sur And Trio Azteca.
  • Ambience & Feel: Upbeat, Feel-Good.


Mod Inspired Music

  • Era: 1960s to 1980s.
  • Description: Music inspired by the Mod subculture. British and American artists that launched the trend and those that have been adopted by “Mods”. A mix of old R&B, Rock & Soul.
  • Example Artists: The Who, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, Bo Diddley.
  • Ambience & Feel: Cool, hip, and moderate in tempo.

Modern Soul

  • Era: 90s to Present Day.
  • Description: A collection of modern soul, neo-soul and contemporary rnb.
  • Example Artists: Jill Scott, Daley, Erykah Badu, D’Angelo.
  • Ambience & Feel: Soulful.


Movie Classics

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Big hits from the big screen. The songs that are as well known as the film itself.
  • Example Artists: Whitney Houston, Aerosmith, The Temper Trap.
  • Ambience & Feel: Thoughtful and nostalgic.


Oktoberfest Hour

  • Era: All.
  • Description: An hour of traditional Oom-pah music, designed to get your Oktoberfest celebrations into full swing.
  • Example Artists: D’Wyne Mugge – the best German Oom-pah band.
  • Ambience & Feel: Traditional, fun.


Old School Metal

  • Era: 70s & 80s.
  • Description: Songs from the heavy metal scene that began in the early 70s.
  • Example Artists: Motley Crue, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Slayer.
  • Ambience & Feel: Loud and rebellious.


Pick of The Pops

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Radio hits from all genres and all eras.
  • Example Artists: Lulu, The Beatles, Mariah Carey, Blondie.
  • Ambience & Feel: Nostalgic.

Pub – Morning/Lunch/Afternoon

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Popular music that has been selected and assembled to introduce a relaxing morning, pick up at lunch and smooth down again in the afternoon. We have scrupulously considered genre, artist and tempo to achieve the perfect pub atmosphere.
  • Example Artists: Coldplay, Adele, Passenger, Ellie Goulding.
  • Ambience & Feel: Morning – Relaxed, Lunch – More perky but mid-tempo, Afternoon – Relaxed.

Pub – Early Evening/Weekday Night/Fri & Sat Night/Fri & Sat Night (Younger Clientele)

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Music from all era’s that has been carefully curated to create a lively atmosphere. As the evening progresses, tracks become more vigorous, especially on a Friday or Saturday. A bustling soundtrack to suit a bustling clientele. 
  • Example Artists: Rudimental, Justin Bieber, Calvin Harris, Clean Bandit.
  • Ambience & Feel: Lively.

Pub – Sunday

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Laidback songs of all genres designed to relax, give peace and tranquility to the last day of the weekend. Songs for lazy days.
  • Example Artists: Ed Sheeran, George Ezra, HAIM, Laura Mvula.
  • Ambience & Feel: Laidback cool.

Punk & Ska

  • Era: 1970s onwards.
  • Description: A selection of the best music from the punk era, blended with ska tracks. This compilation focuses on punk from the 70s/80s rather than modern punk.
  • Example Artists: The Clash, Ramones, Madness.
  • Ambience & Feel: Wild & nostalgic.


Rock Legends

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Songs that have truly taken on a legendary status. True icons of rock.
  • Example Artists: U2, Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones, Thin Lizzy.
  • Ambience & Feel: Upbeat.


Singing The Blues

  • Era: 50s and onwards.
  • Description: Soulful, sad and poignant blues music.
  • Example Artists: Etta James, BB King, Tony Clarke.
  • Ambience & Feel: Subdued yet soulful.


Smooth Sounds

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Contemporary pop aimed for the adult mainstream market. Suitable for a more mature listener, focusing on contemporary tracks.
  • Example Artists: Jamie Cullum, Genesis, Fleetwood Mac, Earth, Wind & Fire.
  • Ambience & Feel: Moderate and neutral. 


St. Patrick’s Day

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Lively Irish music designed to maximize your fun on Paddy’s Day. Order a Guinness and prepare to jig.
  • Example Artists: Ash, The Cranberries, The Pogues.
  • Ambience & Feel: Fun and lively.

Startle – Song of the Week

  • Era: Current.
  • Description: Our music experts choose one stand-out new release each week. The collection was so good, we had to create a playlist.
  • Example Artists: Becky Hill, London Grammar, Kings of Leon.
  • Ambience & Feel: Laidback to energetic, cool.


Summer Sounds

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Upbeat, happy, summer-soaked anthems. A cocktail of old and new.
  • Example Artists: Journey, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Kings of Leon.
  • Ambience & Feel: Happy, sprightly. 


Sunset Chill

  • Era: 90s to Present Day.
  • Description: Music inspired by the famous Café Del Mar hangout and record label in Ibiza.
  • Example Artists: Chicane, Moby, Karen Ramirez.
  • Ambience & Feel: Laidback, sunny vibes. 


Sunshine & Reggae

  • Era: All.
  • Description: The best reggae tracks from the sunshine island of Jamaica. Also includes reggae inspire contemporary pop.
  • Example Artists: Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Magic, UB40.
  • Ambience & Feel: Sunny, happy and chilled. 


The Alternative Dance List

  • Era: 90s and onwards.
  • Description: Dance music from the underground scene. 
  • Example Artists: LCD Soundsystem, Cut Copy, YACHT.
  • Ambience & Feel: Quirky and cool. 


The Alternative Rock List

  • Era: 90s and onwards.
  • Description: Rock music spawned from independent labels and underground scenes. 
  • Example Artists: Kasabian, Coldplay, Beady Eye, The Vaccines. 
  • Ambience & Feel: Cool, rebellious. 


The Greatest Love Songs

  • Era: All.
  • Description: A collection of the best and most favorite songs about love.
  • Example Artists: Bette Midler, Faith Hill, Lionel Ritchie, Elton John.
  • Ambience & Feel: Smooth, soft and full of warmth.


The Hottest Hip Hop & RnB


  • Era: Current.
  • Description: The freshest and hottest RnB tracks from radio, club and trending charts.
  • Example Artists: 2 Chainz, Fetty Wap, Tinashe, Meek Mill.
  • Ambience & Feel: Urban cool.


The Latest EDM & Dance

  • Era: Current.
  • Description: The latest electronic dance music and house from radio, club and trending charts.
  • Example Artists: MNEK, Gorgon City, Avicii, Zedd.
  • Ambience & Feel: Club.


The Live Sessions

  • Era: Current.
  • Description: Popular artists cover popular tracks and showcase their own in an acoustic, live setting. 
  • Example Artists: Ella Eyre, Years & Years, Drake, Ella Henderson.
  • Ambience & Feel: Live, laidback.


The New Alternative

  • Era: Current.
  • Description: Alternative pop, rock and electronic. Cool and current artists.
  • Example Artists: Lorde, The Neighbourhood, London Grammar, Broods.
  • Ambience & Feel: Cool, young and trendy.


The Original Rock & Roll

  • Era: 50s & 60s.
  • Description: A selection of rock & roll classics from the golden age.
  • Example Artists: Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis.
  • Ambience & Feel: Vintage.


The Soul of Soul

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Classic songs that embody the genre of soul music. Voices that speak to the heart. Motown.
  • Example Artists: Sade, Aretha Franklin, Curtis Mayfield, Diana Ross.
  • Ambience & Feel: Heart warming.


This is House Music

  • Era: 90s and onwards.
  • Description: House, funky house, deep house. All sub-genres of House Music.
  • Example Artists: Armand Van Helden, Basement Jaxx, Eric Prydz, Tim Deluxe.
  • Ambience & Feel: Upbeat, party music.

This Week’s Chart

  • Era: Present.
  • Description: This week’s chart. We compile the radio edits of the best selling singles of the week. 
  • Example Artists: Ed Sheeran, Drake, Bruno Mars, Meghan Trainor.
  • Ambience & Feel: Current, relevant, various tempos.



  • Era: All.
  • Description: Songs from a broad range of eras that were once classic ear candy. Tunes you had forgotten about until that chorus hits. Lost favorites and one hit wonders.
  • Example Artists: Blondie, UB40, The Pussycat Dolls, Cornershop.
  • Ambience & Feel: Nostalgia.


Totally Chilled

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Songs that are slow in tempo, soft in tone and totally chilled.
  • Example Artists: Air, Massive Attack, William Orbit, Dido.
  • Ambience & Feel: Very relaxed.


Urban Classics

  • Era: 90s to early 2000s.
  • Description: Rap & Hip Hop from its humble beginnings to its meteoric rise. The absolute best in urban music.
  • Example Artists: 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G, De La Soul, Missy Elliot.
  • Ambience & Feel: Urban cool.

Vintage Cool

  • Era: Early to Late 20th Century.
  • Description: A mix of jazz pop, northern soul and vintage pop classics. An ode to all things vintage.
  • Example Artists: Dusty Springfield, Miles Davis, Caro Emerald, Frank Sinatra.
  • Ambience & Feel: Cool retro & vintage. 

Viva Italia

  • Era: 1950s onwards.
  • Description: Italian classics of the easy-listening variety suitable for more quiet and intimate moments.
  • Example Artists: Beniamino Gigli, Adriano Celentano, Dean Martin, Flo Sandon.
  • Ambience & Feel: Romantic, relaxing.

Wedding Party

  • Era: All.
  • Description: Celebratory tracks that appeal to all ages. Classic hits that get everyone up and dancing.
  • Example Artists: Bruno Mars, Cyndi Lauper, Queen, Stevie Wonder.
  • Ambience & Feel: Party, Upbeat.
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